I’ve gotta admit, I’ve been outta the game for far too long and I think I may actually be ready for a lovely lady to enter into my life, but where to start?!! I’ve done a lot in my days, traveled, volunteered, gone to events, wedding, bar mitzvah’s, birthday parties, races etc. etc. etc. and … [Read more…]

Revamping my space

I bought an old house that I could put some much needed love into it. It’s a nice country fixer upper on 3 acres of land. Great space but needs some work. I’ve decided to remodel in a non traditional way and have at it any way I please. I consider myself to be of … [Read more…]


In life,  I feel the need to find a way to create myself and own my own destiny. Where to start, what to do? How can I help, who shall I mentor with? So many questions bog my mind when approaching the topic but my best bet is to start somewhere. For me, it starts … [Read more…]

Stuck in a rut

Are you ever stuck in a rut and can’t find your front from your back? (Metaphorically speaking of course.) Some times days seem to overwhelm me with while others are a breeze…Obviously right, welcome to the game of life. In such times, which they do come in waves, I need to get my ass back … [Read more…]