Hey guys,

Welcome to my blog spot where we can dive into all thingsĀ of any sort, of any subject at any given time! I needed a space to write down my ideas when they pop up or have a cool thought I’d like to share, or perhaps talk the talk of cool things I’ve done around the globe. I’m a home body one day and a globe trotter the next. I like to delve into projects that take over my focus and consume all my energy until whatever it is I’m working on is done. I like the spontaneous living that seems to have taken hold of me and I’m a rather upbeat guy that seems to get along with folks more often than not. I’m a grammar nazi and a clean freak, ( not in an OCD sort of way but rather a “I like to keep my home nice and neat” sort of way!) Feel free to chime in with interesting subjects of your own and we’ll see if they take a liking to! Alright all, that it for now…. See ya on the inside of these pages.