I’ve gotta admit, I’ve been outta the game for far too long and I think I may actually be ready for a lovely lady to enter into my life, but where to start?!! I’ve done a lot in my days, traveled, volunteered, gone to events, wedding, bar mitzvah’s, birthday parties, races etc. etc. etc. and yet have I found any one? That would be a big fat NO! Now it’s not that I’m bad looking because its quite the contrary! I feel as though I am rather handsome and a great guy, I’ve just never been open perhaps, and now that I am, how do i find her?

I’m a bit weary of all the dating sites and not certain I want to go that route just yet. Perhaps it will seem weird, foreign, awkward and who knows what else. i’m just not sure about it all…Can’t little miss perfect just magically bum into me at the local Trader Joe’s and we live happily ever after? I guess it’s not that easy, after all, it hasn’t happened yet!

I will admit that I have scoped around those dating sites, I just haven’t jumped in with both feet! A paid membership sounds so serious! Am I ready for that? I’m not quite cure but I’ll let you know if I ever get to that point.

What about you folks out there? Where did you meet your loves? Was it at the local cantina? Were you set up by a friend? Maybe Mr. Right helped you up from a fall?….That doesn’t seem very romantic, in fact that would be embarrassing, for you anyway! Was it love at first site or did it take time for you two to grow on each other? I have so many questions!!


Feel free to give me tips and advice because unbeknownst to that luckily little lady out there, I’m coning for her!


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