In life,  I feel the need to find a way to create myself and own my own destiny. Where to start, what to do? How can I help, who shall I mentor with? So many questions bog my mind when approaching the topic but my best bet is to start somewhere. For me, it starts with books. I’ve read that the average entrepreneur reads about 60 books a year vs the average person that reads 1 book per year!! The big dogs listen to podcasts vs the radio and never have time for the tube. They wake up earlier, go to bed later and have major skills at prioritizing their time to have days full of efficiency that seem to launch themselves forward. With that being said, I’ve dove into nooks the past 5 years, followed the successful and joined some successful groups along the way. It feels good to not feel as though I’m wasting my precious time here and that life will continue to prosper for me. I’m a goal junkie, so when one goal has been reached, it’s time for the next. I push until I succeed. Perhaps it’s my own obsession. An addiction to be who I feel I am and not stand by the way side. Sure I throw in fun, friends and family but my mind always seems to be on “business” mode.


Needless to say, if you’re stuck in a rut and are of the goal oriented nature, find yourself some like minded folk and take some steps that lead to action. you never know where you’ll be a year from now!

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