Revamping my space

I bought an old house that I could put some much needed love into it. It’s a nice country fixer upper on 3 acres of land. Great space but needs some work. I’ve decided to remodel in a non traditional way and have at it any way I please. I consider myself to be of an artistic nature so why not go with the flow and decorate accordingly to the ranch style home that it is.

I’ve done a lot of searching on styles I like and what features I want and my favorite project so far is the kitchen. I decided to go with huge octagonal tile floors and a concrete counter top. It suits my style, feels manly and looks bad ass. I’d never thought of doing a concrete counter top until ¬†stopped over at my buddy Cody’s house and it stood out like lone beauty. Its pristine look had me hooked, so when I was finally ready, I asked for his contractor and away they went. my kitchen takes up a large space in my kitchen so it’s definitely an eye catcher. I loved it so much I had the guys do all my bathroom sinks in concrete too.

If you’re looking for cheaper options, give this look a chance. So many options and I get endless compliments on it. The guys at really know what they’re doing. I’m big on cooking so enjoying my time in the kitchen is important to me and liking the space I have is vital. I find myself here more often than not, whether it be preparing a light snack, enjoying my morning coffee and preparing a meal for one. I’m going to enjoy my new kitchen for years to come.

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