So, I bought a house!! Congrats to me! A big feat this day in age, but then again, this one’s not for me, it’s a rental property. I love having rentals, (as long as I get great tenants) as it’s a nice little stream of extra income each month! I highly recommend it!

With buying an older home come’s some rehabs, luckily this one wasn’t too far gone except for the roof! what a mess! Old retted wood shingles from the 70’s and that just had to go! Now deciding on a new roof was tough as I love the look and durability of a tile roof, but that simply wouldn’t match the siding of this particular home. It’s old yet quaint, so I went with a composite roof as they too are sturdy and fairly traditional. Once I had figured out which roofing type to go with, I then needed to find the right contractors… Who or who to call? so I started asking around as word of mouth is worth it’s weight in gold and I also always like to go with smaller local companies rather than big corporate. I like to help out the local business man, ya know! So after talking around I can across these guys at  I called them up, got an appointment set for them to come out and low and behold they stood up to their professional name. Punctual and professional is what I look for in a contractor and these guys fit the bill, both figuratively and non, as their quote was something I could handle for a whole new roof on a 1600 sq. ft home!

After only 2 days and 10 workers later, the roof was complete! holy moly, these guys are a team of fire ants getting thing done! Busy and productive, I couldn’t believe it! That being said I too will continue to refer them as they were the right fit ad a great company to work with!

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