Stuck in a rut

Are you ever stuck in a rut and can’t find your front from your back? (Metaphorically speaking of course.) Some times days seem to overwhelm me with while others are a breeze…Obviously right, welcome to the game of life. In such times, which they do come in waves, I need to get my ass back in action by prioritizing. I find myself wasting useless time looking as though I’m “busy” but I’m really just tootin’ around doing useless stuff and not progressing in what needs to be done. How do we fix this though? Especially when it seems as though the “things” I’m doing are of the productive nature but they’re so sporadically awry that my focus can’t keep and worry creeps in…IT’S THE WORST! If there’s one thing I like, it’s to be actively learning and pursuing a goal that I’m reaching for. I don’t give myself enough down time perhaps, but I’m trying to get from A to B at apparent hyper speeds…Is it even doable at this rate? Is my productivity of pushing even making a budge or am I forcing things too hard? Some days I’m not quite certain and I’m sure some, if not most can relate, especially the dream chasers. The best thing that works for me is writing a “to do” list…It’s truly THE ONLY WAY!!!…For me of course, but if you have any input or tips on what works for you post away!

See ya later, after I finish my “to do” list!

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